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I Was Born This Way
Jonathan Medley, Last year

At one time, society considered the admission of being homosexual extremely taboo, and it ruined the reputation and careers of many high-profile individuals. More importantly, society considered it sinful. However, society has changed. Today, it almost seems “fashionable” to some to be homosexual, and there are many who unashamedly proclaim it...

Glory vs Sacrifice
Jonathan Medley, 4 years ago

It’s that time of year. The older I get, the quicker it seems to get here. This coming week will be filled with a lot of traveling, visiting families, eating, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts, and watching football. Some of us may even volunteer our time to help others who may not be blessed to have what we have. We will each probably...

Father's Day
Randy Bybee, 5 years ago

The third Sunday in June each year is Father’s Day – a special day to remember and celebrate earthly fathers. The day also affords an opportunity to reflect on the influence a father has in his home and the blessing of a godly father. In the home, a father has an extraordinarily great and lasting impact on his wife and his children, and his...

Remembering the Just & the Wicked
Randy Bybee, 5 years ago

Memory is a genuine blessing in many ways. With the capability of memory comes the capacity to recall special people and events and use those memories in rewarding ways. In addition, memory allows the recall of painful moments or hurtful people as well. The Bible has much to say in encouraging the appreciation of memory and using it to advantage in...


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