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Do Unto Others
Dennis Lowe, 5/2/2021

Many people seem to live by the principle “do no harm”. In other words, they feel that if they have not actively done something to hurt someone else, then they have no responsibility to help them if they are in trouble. The priest and the Levite in the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37 certainly seemed to live by that rule. They find a...

“That’s The Preacher’s Job”
Dennis Lowe, 4/25/2021

Sometimes I think we expect way too much from our preachers. If something is said about visiting the sick or contacting erring members of the congregation or encouraging others to become more active in the work of the church, we often hear someone say, “That’s the preacher’s job” or “That’s what we pay the preacher for”. If the preacher has agreed...

The Church Only Has One Problem
Dennis Lowe, 4/18/2021

Whenever you get a group of preachers or elders together the conversation will inevitably turn to problems in the church. Some think that people not being faithful in attending all the services of the church is the biggest problem the church faces. Others think that our greatest problem is people not doing enough bible study or not being active...

Stop And Smell the Roses
Dennis Lowe, 4/11/2021

I remember how years ago we were told that advances in technology were going to make our lives so much better and so much easier. We were told that we wouldn’t have so many demands on our time, that we would have so much more leisure time to enjoy. Things didn’t work out that way. If anything, technology makes more demands on our time and has...


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