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To Err Is Human
Dennis Lowe, 1/4/2020

Sadly, it is a fact that, try as we might, we all fall short of perfection. We make mistakes. This is especially troubling when we stumble spiritually. Some people are so upset by their mistakes, that they decide that there is no use trying to live the Christian life anymore if they are only going to constantly fall short. We need to realize...

Remember Lot’s Wife
Dennis Lowe, 12/29/2019

Most of us are probably familiar with the events recorded in Genesis chapter 19 concerning God’s destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. We remember how God decided to destroy the cities for their great wickedness but determined to spare Lot, the nephew of the great patriarch Abraham, and Lot’s family. Unfortunately, only Lot’s wife and...

Dennis Lowe, 12/22/2019

Members of a psychology class asked about 500 people, “What are you afraid of?” They collected some 7000 different fears. The Bible speaks of fear in two different ways. There is the fear that is commanded which equates to honor, reverence, respect, or awe. 1 Peter 2:17 says, “Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.”...

...the gift of God
Dennis Lowe, 12/15/2019

Most of us recognize that, as Paul said in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Still, we can’t deny that we like to be on the receiving end of gifts as well. Many times when we receive gifts it isn’t really the cost of the gift that matters the most to us, it is the fact that the giver cared enough for us to spend either...


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