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What Is Most Important To You?
Dennis Lowe, 6 day(s) ago

The things that are most important in our lives are the things we are most willing to make sacrifices for. We are quite willing to put aside our own desires in order to benefit our families. We will sacrifice our time, effort, and money to make sure that our children and spouse are provided for. If we have a hobby that we enjoy we will happily...

“You Ought To Be Teachers”
Dennis Lowe, Last week

People often seem to think that the responsibility for teaching the gospel to others is strictly that of the elders, preacher, or bible-class teachers. In Hebrews 5:12 the writer points out that his readers should have matured sufficiently enough that they would be able to teach others. Instead, they had gone backward and needed “someone to teach...

A Matter of Priorities
Dennis Lowe, 2 weeks ago

Several million people watched the Super Bowl last year. A sell-out crowd paid prices starting at $3,000 per seat to watch the game in person. The average home viewer spent $81.17 for snack foods and apparel for a total of $15.3 billion. One of the most popular parts of the show was the commercials which cost five million dollars for a 30 second...

Taking Stock
Dennis Lowe, 3 weeks ago

“Taking stock” is a term that comes from the world of retail. It basically means to take inventory, see what stock you have on hand, what has sold, and what has not. A retailer can’t really know what sort of footing his business is on unless he occasionally “takes stock”. “Taking stock” is something that Christians should do as well. We should...


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