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Does This Offend You?
Dennis Lowe, 3/7/2021

Our present day culture seems to have taken the practice of being offended and raised it to a whole new level. These days, if you say almost anything, someone will take offense. And even if you say nothing at all some people will find a reason to be offended at that. To suggest that someone is wrong or needs improvement or is in any way less than...

“He is Preaching That at Me”
Dennis Lowe, 2/28/2021

Sometimes when people are listening to a sermon from the pulpit they think about how someone else needed to hear the lesson. They don’t try to apply the lesson to themselves, it’s always someone else who “really needed to hear that lesson”. Occasionally, someone will get angry at the preacher because they feel that, although the preacher doesn’t...

Dennis Lowe, 2/21/2021

Contentment is defined as, “a state of being happy, satisfied; ease of mind.” Contentment is something that most people seek for, but few people seem to find. The problem with finding contentment is that most people are looking for it in the wrong place. Many people think that acquiring material possessions will make them content with their lives....

Valentine’s Day
Dennis Lowe, 2/14/2021

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, romantic love is often expressed with flowers, cards, or heart shaped boxes of candy. In the bible, true love, that agape love that Jesus referred to in Matthew 22:37-40, is a love of the will. We choose to wish the highest possible good for others. That love of the will must be expressed in action. In 1 John 3:18...


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